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Honda Dreams






Honda Dreams

TV Campaign

Client: Honda / Agency: RPA
Concept, Design, Direction, Production, VFX, Composite
Honda had an interesting challenge for the Power of Dreams national campaign. How do we tell the story of finding and following your dreams? From childhood to adulthood, from a passion to an immense success no matter what that means to you? Because there aren’t in fact time machines yet, we had to create the illusion of a passage of time. Instead of letting a traditional edit and cut points limit us, our solution was a revolving camera move around a single dreamer growing up and following their dreams. To pull it off, we designed a bullet time effect and camera rig. 120 DSLR cameras firing a fractionally offset times to create a ‘frozen moment’. Then using the rotating camera movement as a single camera movement feeling natural transition between scenes. This let viewers know this was a single person growing up, always pursuing, happily, their passion.