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FS1 - The Ultimate Fighter S26


Client: Fox Sports
Concept, Script, Design, Direction, Production, Animation, Composite

Changing The Game

This is a monumental time for women in sports. Perceptions have undergone a sea change about what is acceptable and appropriate. Instead of asking “why” we are asking “why not”. This season it is about more than who is the next Ultimate Fighter and who will grab the belt. It is about where the sport is headed and what that means for women across the world. Unlike football, baseball, or basketball the UFC has female competitors who are household names and who dominate the media.

The Approach

We created a bold rallying cry that shows just how cutting edge the sport is and connects it to the larger conversation happening across all mediums.

We came up with a number of approaches for how this theme could be visualized and paired each one with custom scripts that we wrote. We knew that we wanted this piece to feel epic and powerful and more than just shots of fighters battling it out with each other. It was about coming up and fighting every step of the way. The themes of emergence resonated with the clients and we settled on a direction with bold colors of smoke. This would allow us to create a lot of really dynamic practical smoke interactions with the fighters surrounded by and emerging from heavy colored smoke. 

Behind the Scenes

1 day in Vegas to shoot 16 fighters, 2 coaches and 2 spots and a toolkit. No problem. In order to pull this off we put together a hyper efficient shoot in order to capture all the assets that we needed to put this package together. Not only did we have to shoot a ton of elements on greenscreen we had to wait until dark to head outside and get as much practical smoke interactions as we could. The fighters were amazing to work with and needless to say we captured a ton of really awesome and dynamic footage.