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Wish - "Amazing Things"

Digital & TV Campaign

Client: Wish / Agency: Pereira & Odell
Concept, Design, Direction, Production, Animation, Composite

Amazing Things

Our good friends at SF agency Pereira & Odell approached us to help craft a highly art directed and designed live action campaign for their client Wish. Wish is one of the largest online retailers in the world and has a devoted following among consumers. They have some truly amazing deals on some ‘amazing things’. We absolutely loved the concept and reference and had a blast creating some really playful and dynamic setups for each of the products that they wanted to represent. Each product is shown in time with the lyrics of a catchy custom jingle to create a joyful campaign that celebrates consumerism in all of its glory.

"And Oh, Oh My Heart Just Sings"


Art Direction and Design

The most fun part of this process was working out all of the layouts and ideas for how to best showcase these otherwise somewhat boring products. Not only did each product have to have a clear read, but it had be something that you could actually buy on We came up with a variety of ideas on how to feature each product and transition between them and then sort of mixed and matched until we found the best flow visually and editorially. Ultimately we ended up mixing live action, stop motion, and CG to create all of the shots within the spot.

Color plays an important part of these spots as well. In addition to various shades of the Wish brand blue, we picked a pop color for each spot to give them their own visual identity. With these colors in hand, we meticulously designed and redesigned each of the frames until we found the perfect balance between shots. 


In order to pull off a shoot with so many product shots and visual gags in an efficient way we previz-ed all three spots in CG. This allowed us to try out a variety of ideas and see how they played out in motion with the flow of the edit. This was essential on our shoot days in knowing just how much (or little) screen time we had for each shot and gave us all a perfect guide to work from on set.

Behind the Scenes

3 days, 3 insert stages, 24 products, 1 cat, and 200 paper butterflies. Because of the volume of products and in camera gags we wanted to capture, we created a super efficient workflow on set where we rotated shooting on 3 sets. As we shot one set, art department would be breaking down the previous set and prepping the next set. This allowed us to maximize our time really perfecting each shot from a design and performance perspective. We had an amazing crew and were thrilled that all our planning paid off with a smooth as butter shoot.