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NIssin Cup Noodles

Digital & TV Campaign

Client: Nissin Cup Noodles / Agency: High, Wide & Handsome
Concept, Design, Direction, Production, Animation, Composite, VFX

Rip. Pour. Slurp.

Our new friends at L.A. agency High Wide and Handsome came to us with a super quirky and funny social media campaign for Nissan Cup Noodles. Immediately we were taken back to our college days when these comprised the fundamental building blocks of our diet. Naturally we jumped at the chance to help them bring these ideas to life. Having done a similar campaign for Farmers Insurance a few years back we are well versed in this form of short form absurdity. 

After a few jam sessions where we hammered out which of the ideas would actually be produced we got to work planning the shoot and storyboarding the spots. The chosen spots had everything from a SNL Jack Handy reference to a Voltron parody to a man with noodle hair and a guy in a gimp suit. 

The Shoot.

Over a 2 day shoot at a beautiful home in Chatsworth we were able to capture enough footage for all 10 spots. Being able to switch gears quickly and jump between different scenarios and setups kept things energized each day. It was a lot of fun working with the actors to capture that just the right tone of tongue in cheek humor for each spot. Also seeing a guy slurping noodles dressed in a gimp suit always makes for a fun Tuesday afternoon.

Post Production.

There were a lot of tasks for our vfx team to jump on once we wrapped the shoot. From simple stuff like adding an excessive amount of veggies stuck to a woman’s teeth to making a face appear in the broth to complex gags like having noodles grow from a bald guys head. It was definitely challenging getting the dynamics of thousands of noodle hairs to look just right.

"Peace will come to the world when the people have enough noodles to eat."

- Momofuku Ando