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Lifetime - "American Princess"

Teaser Trailer

Client: Lifetime
Design, Direction, Production, Animation, Composite

A Not So Long Time Ago...

Lifetime approached us to pitch on a super quick turnaround but highly creative project to promote a new show at the Upfronts by the creator of “Orange is the New Black" called “American Princess”. It is about a bride to be that runs away from her upper east side life and marriage and finds herself in the otherworldly surroundings of a Red Faire.

We wanted to frame the spot with the idea of a writer literally pitching the idea of a show to a studio executive. But instead of visualizing this in a very straightforward animated way we wanted to build up these layers of fantasy and magic that reflect the alternate reality of the Ren Faire itself. To do this we utilized a mixed media approach that included live action, stop motion, cel animation, 2d and 3d animation. As we progress deeper into the story we find ourselves more and more immersed in this animated world.