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Sprite - 'Fresh Faces'

Digital & TV Campaign

Client: Sprite / Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Design, Direction, Production, Animation, Composite, VFX

Keeping it Fresh

Each year Sprite has designed an art can series for summer. This year’s campaign was based on the idea of bringing some fresh faces to the mix with some up and coming online personalities and creatives. We were approached to help bring these characters to life through a mix of live action, puppet & cel animation, and CG.

Larger than Life

Each person chosen to be forever memorialized on the cans had a unique personality. Jay Versace is loud and over the top, Wondagurl is laid back and chill. Our duty was to capture the essence of their personalities and performances through their animations as well as how their physical cans react and move in the environment.

As each person moves around on the can, the can itself reacts and moves in the environment as if the momentum and energy of the animation is affecting the real world.