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Ohio Lottery

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Client: Marcus Thomas 
Design, Direction, Animation, Composite

Sometimes it's the Little Things

You don't have to win Millions in the Ohio Lottery to make a meaningful impact on your life. $150 can turn into your new best (dog) friend. $1500 could rent an RV for that road trip you've always wanted to take. $5,000 could be the engagement ring you have been trying to save for. 

Back to the Start

When we got the brief we absolutely fell in love with the combination of clever storytelling and beautiful visual technique. The idea was that this would be brought to life visually through an origami world made of paper and the actual lottery ticket. Each story plays in reverse, showing us what each person used their winnings for first and then following them backwards from that key moment to where it all started as that object unfolds to reveal the lottery ticket.

Styleframes - Direction 1

Styleframes - Direction 2

Making Of

After storyboarding out each spot we brought them to life fully in CG, carefully crafting a world of paper that still felt warm, human and emotional. Each 3d object was modeled from scratch with realistic folds and bends to give it a hand crafted feel. We also animated each spot in a way that mimiced what we would do if we had actually filmed this in stop motion. Instead of using smooth keyframes we painstakingly animated a large portion of each spot frame by frame. This gave the campaign a charming and authentic feel that was really important to the concept. To tie it all together our friends at Marcus Thomas created a score that perfectly expressed the time reverse storytelling featuring some backwards instrumentation and a voice over that nailed the emotion tone.