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Adidas x Ninja

Chase the Spark

Client: adidas x Ninja | 3AM
Design, Direction, Animation, Composite

Every once in a while, a project comes along and you know it's going to be special. This one had the markings from day one. Laundry's Tony Liu was was tapped to direct an epic animated short film featuring one of the world's most recognizable professional gamers and internet personality, Richard Tyler Blevins, AKA "Ninja" for the launch of his new kicks, a collab with iconic rad brand adidas. Liu and the Laundry team of artists and animators designed and animated Ninja's whirlwind journey showing his inspiration from little kid to internet superstar and what kept him going along the way as he chased his spark.

Starting with design, the look and feel was determined then it went through a full on storyboarding phase until the story was fully fleshed out. Laundry and Liu worked with Ninja's team and the designers at adidas to make sure to not only get the shoes just right but to create the perfect anime versions of him at different stages in his life and career. Laundry handled the full process through finishing and final delivery. Liu brought to life an Anime inspired look using full on cel animation and incorporating radness and madness with fluid and dynamic transitions to help move the story along seamlessly.