Risk everything.

OFFF Sevilla

2022 Titles

Client: OFFF Sevilla
Design, Direction, Animation, Composite
For the 2022 Offf Sevilla title sequence, we wanted to approach it differently on every level. There's a tendency for title sequences to play a bit slower. We wanted to do the opposite to represent the vibrancy of Spanish creativity and the buzz of being able to come together again as creatives.
Additionally, there's always so much emphasis on the tools as the means to creativity. We wanted to reverse that thinking, and center the concept around the 'maker' in all of us as the true paintbrush of creativity.
On top of that, with the opening half, we wanted to break down a barrier. Conferences are often led by many speakers who seem so confident and their projects so smooth and effortless. We believe it. But we wanted to paint a picture that lifts up the hood, shows the struggle, and breaks down this barrier that we need to be like anyone or anything else creatively. Because we believe we don't need to.