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Experiential Activation

Client: Madison Square Garden Entertainment / Sphere Entertainment

The Largest Canvas On Planet Earth

In collaboration with Madison Square Garden Entertainment, Laundry Design Studio helped craft 11+ pieces of content to launch the largest physical projection entertainment experience ever on July 4th, 2023. In Las Vegas, utilizing every pixel of a 580,000 sq foot canvas, "Sphere" is the largest LED screen in the world. Our process began with automobile, gaming, travel, and brand content; exploring abstract possibilities. As our partnership with MSG grew, so did our imagination to develop unforgettable CG imagery for the launch.

The exterior stands at 366 feet tall & 516 feet across. The space will host live entertainment and concert events, with U2 scheduled to be the first band to perform there in September.

We combined particle simulation art, fireworks, and light streaks that built on both this monumental launch and the celebration of Independence Day. 

Creative Strategy

Being the largest and first spherical screen, we created content for a wide audience. 

Led by MSG, we crafted themes around travel, music, art, entertainment, and the launch itself for the most cutting-edge entertainment venue on the planet in the capital of the entertainment world. We produced linear, interactive, real-time, and generative techniques to bring each theme to life. Always with the goal of giving viewers, whether on foot, in a helicopter, or in space a larger-than-life experience. 

Technical Approach

Spherical projection at this size has never been achieved before. It poses a unique projection challenge to play naturally for viewers from different angles. Working with MSG, we developed a layering system, where foreground elements are animated at different speeds and render executions than the elements within the sphere, to create a believable feeling of parallax.

This not only magnified the entertainment value of the content, but allowed for both brand stories, products, and entertainment narratives to look every bit as heroic as the structure itself.

The Results

The launch of the MSG Sphere has gone viral. It's a treat to see fans and consumers alike call the architectural and technical feat achieved here - the eighth wonder of the world. As seen across multiple social platforms, news outlets, creative blogs, with countless organic impressions - you can even see this incredible structure from space.