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AI Art Film

Client: Circulo Ecuestre Barcelona & Offf Barcelona 
Design, Direction, Animation, Composite

Laundry was approached by Circulo Ecuestre Barcelona & Offf Barcelona to participate in By Invitation: Art Digital by Offf exhibition. The result was our very first AI art film! It was a true honor to have our film sit alongside legendary artists such as Miró, Picasso, Dali, Barcelo, Plensa & Tápies, as well as cutting-edge contemporary artists Refik Anadol, Sixnfive, Baugasm, and many more during the week-long exhibition.

Our goal was to challenge ourselves in several ways. With today's culture resulting in a desensitization toward suffering and divisiveness across the globe, we were compelled to make a piece that celebrates the beauty and goodness in everything and everyone who is suffering right now - especially women, mothers, children, the earth, and nature.